RC-Timing 2023 Free Trial

Click below to download a fully functional free trial of RC-Timing 2023, and run up to 10 full race meetings. See for yourself how good RC-Timing really is!

RC-Timing 2023 Trial (v8.2.0, 2.1MB)

The trial must be run in Admin mode. To do this, right-click the RC-Timing icon on the desktop and click Properties. Then go to the Compatibility tab and check 'Run this program as an administrator'.

Major Windows Updates can break the trial and remove any trial meetings you have remaining. We suggest installing all Windows Updates before installing the trial, and then avoid any major updates until you are done with the trial.

Does not include a trial of the RC-Results Broadcast. To keep the results broadcast fast and reliable, the results server is only available to licenced copies of RC-Timing.


RC-Timing 2023 Update

The 2023 update (v8.2) uses the same serial number as the 2022 version (v8.1.1). If you are already using 2022, just download and install the update; it will work with your existing serial.

If you are using the 2021 version (v7.4.3 or lower), you will need to purchase an update for the 2023 version. We will then send you a new serial number.

RC-Timing 2023 Update (v8.2.0, 2.1MB)

This update works for both the trial and full version of RC-Timing.


RC-Timing User Guide

RC-Timing is supplied with an easy to understand user guide. Click below to download an electronic version of this guide ( requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

RC-Timing User Guide 400Kb


Previous Versions

Download older versions here:

RC-Timing 2022

RC-Timing 2021

RC-Timing 2019

RC-Timing 2017

RC-Timing 2014

RC-Timing 2012


USB-To-Serial (RS232) Drivers

Here are some drivers for common USB-to-RS232 adapters in case Windows doesn't install them automatically. Try working down the list until one works!

To check if it's working, open Windows Device Manager and look under the Ports section for a COM port.

HL340 chipset. Often has a translucent blue case.

PL2303 chipset. UGreen grey/yellow case.