New Recruits: Stafford, Mold and Macctrack

In the past month, two of the UK's most successful RC car clubs have made the move to RC-Timing. Stafford RCMCC and Macclesfield & District RCMCC, the hosts of CMLs highly popular Carpet Masters, are the latest in a long line of clubs to be attracted to RC-Timing by it's user-friendliness, low cost and excellent functionality.

Mold Model Car Club have also made the move to RC-Timing, so the software is now in use in England, Scotland and Wales. Mold are also the first 1/8th rallycross club to make the switch, so RC-Timing is now used for everything from 1/12 carpet racers and 1/10 touring cars, to 1/8 buggies at Mold and 1/4 scale monsters at Wombwell.

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