RC-Timing with spectator monitor output and practice lap timing

Over the past few months we have been busy developing two major new functions for RC-Timing: spectator monitor output and practice lap timing.

How many times at race meetings do you get drivers and anxious dads looking over your shoulder to see how the current race is doing? How often do drivers finish a race and come into race control so they can see their results? At RC-Timing, we've spent 10 years running race meetings (unlike other developers who just write software), so we know how you feel! RC-Timing now has the solution... spectator monitor output!

RC-Timing now allows you to connect extra monitors to your race control computer for spectators, drivers and pit men to watch. The display on these extra monitors is totally different to the main race control screen, using a specially chosen large font, so the displays can be seen from a much greater distance. And all of this can be done using standard computer monitors; no expensive hardware is required! Laptop computers already have an extra monitor output that can be used for this purpose. For a desktop computer, all you need is an extra graphics card costing around £10.

At most race meetings, while race control are busy doing the booking in, the track is open for free practice so that drivers can learn the track and try new things on their cars. Those drivers lucky enough to have a pit man and a decent stopwatch can time their laps during practice and see what difference the changes make to their car. With RC-Timing, a pit man and stopwatch are no longer needed!

RC-Timing now allows the AMB lap counting equipment to be used during free practice, so anyone with a personal transponder (or a handout transponder borrowed from the club) will automatically have their laps timed. RC-Timing shows the practice laps on an extra monitor (see screenshot below) and the main race screen, so both race control and spectators can instantly see the lap times of all the drivers practicing. A printout can also be produced at the end of practice, which even calculates each driver's 'best run', so you can see who was quick over five minutes, as well as who was quick over a single lap.

These features are currently undergoing final beta testing and will be available shortly, at no extra cost of course! They have already been used at a Schumacher BTCC, a TORC and several club meetings. The spectators like it, the clubs think its great... what more reason do you need to switch to RC-Timing?


Spectator monitor output: Screen shot of practice lap timing (click to enlarge). The display automatically scrolls to show all cars that have completed a lap in practice.

Practice screenshot


Spectator monitor output: Screen shot of race timing (click to enlarge).

Race screenshot