RC-Timing now from under £65 (or $125 US)

No that's not a misprint, you can now get a version of RC-Timing for just £64.95 in the UK or $125 in the USA.

We have now released the 'MC' version of our software for clubs operating on a budget. It only supports manual lap counting (so you can't connect an AMB system to it), but it includes all the other great features of the full version of RC-Timing.

The software is ideal for new clubs, who cannot afford either expensive lap counting hardware, or a top of the range race timing program.

But when your club grows, you can upgrade to the full version of RC-Timing by just paying the price difference between the MC version and the full version (currently £280 or $420).

Click here to order RC-Timing MC; you can now even buy online!