RC-Timing 2002 Version 1.4 is now available. It has these great new features:

Predictive Beeps
Each time a driver crosses the line, they get a high-pitch beep if they are on to improve on their best time, or a low-pitch beep if not. So every driver knows how they are doing during the race!

Predicted Results
During a race, predicted laps and times are displayed for each driver, so the race director or commentator can see exactly what times the drivers are on for. It even tells you where this time will put the driver on the FTQ list! If your computer has a TV-output, spectators can see this information too. Please e-mail us for help with connecting a TV to your computer.

Variable Length Finals
RC-Timing now allows you to enter a different duration for each final. So if you race IC/Nitro cars, you no longer have to change the race length before each final!

When entering a new driver, do you always 'Tab over' the car or formula? Well the RC-Timing Drivers Screen can now be customised to hide any details that you don't use, making it even faster to enter new drivers. Car Makes and Member Types can also be customised, so no matter what class of cars you race, you can now enter their names into RC-Timing.

New Transponder Test Screen
RC-Timing now has an all-new transponder test screen, with details of transponder strength and battery condition.

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