RC-Timing 2002 Version 1.5 is now available. It has these great new features:

Race Graphs
Does no one ever believe you when you say you were winning until the last lap? Or do you struggle to write race reports for magazines and websites? RC-Timing has the solution... coloured graphs on every race result printout! The graphs can be configured to show how positions changed lap by lap, or to show who was fastest at each stage of the race. Click here for a sample race result in PDF format.

USB Support
Got an AMBrc system? RC-Timing now supports the USB connection built into all AMBrc boxes. So you can throw that great big power supply away; USB provides power as well as communication! This also lets you use modern computers, many of which don't even have a standard serial port. A great excuse for the club to buy you a nice new laptop... but you didn't hear that from us!

Heat Board Support
Fed up of people staring over your shoulder to find out what race is running? You can now plug a display board into RC-Timing so that everyone can easily see what race number is running.

Optional Grid Starts During Qualifying
Running on a small track where staggered starts aren't practical? Want to liven things up for the drivers and spectators? With RC-Timing, you can now run grid starts during qualifying just as you do during finals. Of course, you don't have to; normal staggered starts are still supported!

Fastest Lap Qualifying
RC-Timing now supports Fastest Lap Qualifying, so you can do it just like in real F1 and Touring Cars! You can vary between Fastest Lap, Round By Round or FTQ to keep racing interesting and make sure the drivers come back every week. More money for that nice new laptop you wanted.

And much more:
Large race time display, so you can work on your car and see how long is left at the same time.
Create new members with any archive number; so archive numbers can be the same as club numbers.
Alphabetical driver printouts; useful for 'pre book' meetings.

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