RC-Timing 2002 Version 1.6 is now available, with these new features:

Up To 100 Drivers In A Race
Okay, we know the rostrum isn't quite that big! But RC-Timing now allows you to put as many drivers as you want into a race, which is great if someone turns up late and you've already sorted the heats. It also allows you to run old style Formula 1 qualifying sessions, where drivers are split into a couple of 1 hour sessions and allowed to qualify by fastest lap, just like Formula 1 used to do it.

Start Light Support
Want to add something more for spectators to look at? With RC-Timing, you can now connect red and green start lights to the system. This is also great for Nitro racing, where people often struggle to hear the PA system to know when the race is starting.

Races Can Be Reordered
Races can now be moved to run in any order you like. This is ideal for running all the A-Finals last, or for varying the order each week so it's not always the same people who have to stay till the end of the night!

Manually Insert/Delete Drivers In A Championship
If you organise a regional championship that races at multiple clubs, you may need to update the championship manually. RC-Timing now allows you to insert drivers into a championship and edit their points. Drivers can also be deleted from the championship, useful for applying penalties or removing non-members.

Results Output For Multi-Leg Finals
After each leg of each final, the overall positions are announced over the PA system. After the last leg of each final, the overall results for that final are printed, so drivers don't have to wait for the end of the meeting to find out their finishing positions.

And Much More:
A start order listing can be printed automatically at the end of each round of qualifying. Especially useful if grid starts are being used.
Voices can be turned off during the races; useful if you have a human commentator for the finals.
Predictive beeps are now used for fastest lap qualifying too. When a driver improves on their best lap, they get a high-pitched beep. Otherwise, they get a low-pitched beep.
Class names are now saved to the Archive, so you don't have to type them in each time you create a meeting. This also makes it easier to exchange archives and championships with other clubs in a regional series.
A list of all archive members can be printed.

Bug Fixes:
Improved lights display on the Race Screen uses less memory and gets rid of a 'parameter incorrect' message that could appear on slower systems.
Improved multi-tasking fixes a bug that could occur on some systems while trying to change screens when a race is in progress.

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